updated: 12 March 2009

Several project events will be organised for target groups beyond the project:

September 2006: Conference 'Bringing together the knowledge to build on further in a European perspective'
19-20 March 2007: 2nd WORKS workshop on Measuring changes in work by organisation surveys - link to workshop documents

13-14 March 2008: WORKS expert workshop 'Catching the butterflies'. A workshop on innovative methodologies for measuring employment effects of value chain restructuring

For the workshop summary, PowerPoint presentations and background documents, click here.

8-9 October 2008: Final conference 'Fragmentation? The future of work in
Europe in a global economy'

12-15 November 2008:
Training seminar: 12 and 13 November, 2008 (Wednesday 13:00 to Thursday 16:30)
International expert workshop: 14 and 15 November, 2008 (Friday 13:00 to Saturday 13:00)
Place: Vienna / Austria


26 January 2009:
2nd International Conference on “Foresight Studies on Work in the Knowledge Society”
Monte de Caparica, FCT-UNL, 26-27 January 2009
IET-Research Centre for Enterprise and Work Innovation
Video presentations

27-28 April 2009: Training 'Training in organisational design'
Runöskolan - Stockholm, Sweden

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