updated: 23 August 2007


Gender contract
The term 'gender contract' was coined by Nordic researchers to describe the sex-segregated division of labour (paid as well as unpaid). Here, aspects of power and negotiations are important elements.
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Gender role
Gender role is a set of behavioural norms associated with males and females, respectively, in a given social group or system.
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Geographical mobility
Geographical mobility of workers and work is the process of encounter between supply and demand, which requires geographic transfer.
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Global corporation
The term 'global corporation' refers to a corporation which practices a global division of labour amongst its employees and sells its goods and services in a global market.
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Global division of labour
The term 'global division of labour' was popularised in the 1970s to describe developments in manufacturing industry whereby companies were breaking down their production processes into separate sub-processes and redistributing these activities around the globe to wherever the conditions were most favourable.
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Global sourcing
Global sourcing refers to the growing practice among global corporations , especially business services suppliers , of making strategic use of a global division of labour in order to compose teams (sometimes virtual teams ) to deliver a particular product or service in the way which best meets the needs of clients.
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Globalisation is a word which is used in a variety of different senses by different commentators.
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The institutional and regulation frameworks that exist to monitor and control firm behaviour.