updated: 23 August 2007


Health and safety
Health and Safety is an overarching concept referring to the degree to which a worker is exposed to harmful experiences through work.
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Heterogeneity of transition patterns
Transformations underway in the labour market, especially the diffusion of temporary employment relationships, have modified individual career pathways.
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High performance work organisation/ system (HPWS)
See Learning organisation
High road work organisation
The phrase 'high road work organisation flexibility practices' refers to company practices that seek flexibility through management methods that are aimed at high value-added and quality competition rather than price competition, and entail upgrading rather than downgrading human resources.
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Horizontal segregation
See Labour market segregation
Human Resource Management
The term 'Human Resource Mangement' (HRM) refers to the management of employees as a business resource. Sometimes the phrase is used (in Britain) simply as an alternative to 'personnel management' but generally HRM is thought to be distinguishable from personnel management by being more integrated into corporate level strategic decision-making and by not necessarily being the responsibility of only one particular management function.
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Human-capital investment
Human-capital investment refers to individuals who invest time and money (including foregone earnings) in education, training, and other qualities that increase their productivity and thus their value for the employer. People who have done this are said to have a greater endowment of human capital.