updated: 23 August 2007


Occupation is the term given to the trade or profession held by an employee.
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Occupational expectations
According to the concept of 'occupational expectations', institutional arrangements have quite an early impact quite on the life course of students as well as their transition from school to work.
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Occupational labour markets
See Dual labour markets
Occupational mobility
Occupationally mobility is generally defined to mean the movement of workers between occupations as distinct from the movement between locations (geographical mobility).
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Occupational segregation
See Labour market segregation
Occupational status
Occupational status is defined by EMIRE as t he sum total of a worker's occupational experience and ability; performance of a job or occupation with reliability and responsibility or the combination of knowledge, experience and technical ability which equips a person for exercising a particular occupation or type of work.
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'Offshoring' is one of a number of terms used to describe the acquisition of intermediate inputs by companies and governments from locations outside the consuming country.
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On-the-job training
On-the-job training is training offered as an ongoing or accompanying process to actual work being carried out and is thus often specific to the job or the company.
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Outsourcing refers to the purchasing of intermediate inputs by companies and governments from an external supplier as opposed to producing them internally (or in-house). Another term for outsourcing is subcontracting
(Source: Ursula Huws). It represents a recent tendency of large companies to move away from traditional vertical integration, and focus their production models on perfecting their 'core competencies'.
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A considerable number of empirical studies analyse mismatches between worker education and educational requirements for jobs. In many of these papers (e.g., Alba-Ramírez 1993, Battu et al. 1999), 'overeducation' is understood as a form of job/qualification mismatch, and sometimes the terms 'overeducation' and 'overqualification' are used interchangeably.
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According to job search and job matching theories, overqualification is a transitory problem for an individual worker that results from informational deficits.
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