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A synthesis and a pdf file of the following WORKS publications available on the subpages:

Theories and concepts

- Value chain restructuring in Europe in a global economy

- Value chain restructuring and industrial relations. The role of workplace representation in changing conditions of employment and work

- Value chain restructuring and company strategies to reach flexibility

- Global value chain restructuring and the use of knowledge and skills

- Changing careers and trajectories. How individuals cope with organisational change and restructuring

- Changing patterns of segregation and power relations in the workplace. Results from the WORKS project

- Working time, gender and work-life balance

- Change processes and methodologies of future perspectives on work + annexes

- Changes in work in transformation economies. The case of the new Member States

- Impact of restructuring on health and safety and quality of work life. Psychosocial risks

- The role of technology in value chain restructuring
- The globalisation glossary: a researcher's guide to understanding work organisation restructuring in a knowledge-based society (WP3 - Theories and concepts - glossary)
- The transformation of work in a global knowledge economy: towards a conceptual framework (WP3 - Theories and concepts - final report)

Quantitative analysis

- D15.2: The transformation of work? A quantitative evaluation of change in work in Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, Greece, Italy, New Member States, Portugal and Scandinavia
- D8.2: Comparative analysis of organisation surveys in Europe. Literature review of secondary analysis

- D9.2: The transformation of work?
Part 1: Tracing employment in business functions. A sectoral and occupational approach

Part 2: Trends in work organisation (03/12/07: updated version with new analyses and results based on the data of the last wave of EWCS2005)

Part 3: Work flexibility in Europe: a sectoral and occupational description of trends in work hours, part-time work, temporary work, and self-employment

Part 4: Occupational change in Europe

Part 5: A quantitative evaluation of the shape of employment in Europe
Introduction and executive summaries

- D9.1: The transformation of work? A quantitative evaluation of the shape of employment in Europe

Digital toolkit

Qualitative research

- Restructuring across value chains and changes in work and employment. Case study evidence from the Clothing, Food, IT and Public Sector

- How restructering is changing occupations? Case study evidence from knowledge-intensive, manufacturing and service occupations

Policy, institutions and social dialogue

- Challenges for Europe under value chain restructuring. Contributions to policy debates

- Deliverable 5.1 WORKS Policy Pillar - Workshop summary

General project results

- Understanding a changing world of work: Resource pack for union training on value chain restructuring

- Conference proceedings of the final WORKS conference 'Fragmentation: the future of work in Europe in a global economy', Rome, 8-9 October 2008

- Conference proceedings of the 1st WORKS conference 'The transformation of work in a global knowledge economy: towards a conceptual framework', Chania - Greece, 21-22 September 2006