updated: 7 April 2008


13-14 March 2008

WORKS Workshop ‘Catching the butterflies’
Expert workshop on innovative methodologies for measuring employment effects of value chain restructuring

For the workshop summary, PowerPoint presentations and background documents, click here.

19-20 March 2007

Measuring changes in work by organisation surveys
2nd workshop of the quantitative pillar of the WORKS project



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Presentation Rik Huys
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Presentation Arnold Riedmann
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Presentation August Götzfried

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  Presentation Nathalie Greenan Download ppt + paper
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22-24 February 2006

Measuring changes in work. International workshop of the quantitative pillar of the WORKS project



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Presentation Rik Huys
Presentation Ursula Huws
  Presentation Jörg Flecker Download
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  Presentation Geert Van Hootegem Download
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28-29 November 2005

International workshop of the policy pillar of the WORKS project

Presentation Jörg Flecker
Presentation Antonio Martin Artiles
  Presentation Brigitte Rorive Download
  Presentation Pamela Meil Download
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Journal ‘Work organisation, labour and globalisation’

WORKS uses another more innovative means of dissemination. This will take the form of a new academic journal to be published twice a year on the theme of reorganisation of work and labour in a global knowledge economy. Because of lack of resources, this will not take place within the scope of the project itself but will be carried out in parallel in close collaboration with it.

The first three issues of this new international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal are now available.

Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation brings together insights from the fields of Political Economy, Communications Studies, Labour Sociology, Gender Studies, Economic Geography, Trade Union Studies and Development Studies to further our understanding of the new international division of labour that is emerging in a global knowledge economy.

To find out more or to subscribe, go to http://www.cybertariat.com.
Or to read online go to http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/analytica.

Submissions to future issues are welcomed, especially from contributors in the global South. Future topics will include: towards a critical understanding of the new global division of labour; trade union responses to globalisation, the role of global corporations in the privatisation of public services, informalisation and migration.