updated: 17 January 20075


Lead partner: Ursula Huws - LMU
Second: Giovanna Altieri - IRES

Research activities

State-of-the-art on concepts, theories and research on changes in work

In order to bring together the huge variety of research traditions and the most recent empirical, conceptual and theoretical knowledge on changes in work throughout Europe, the partners, fully reflecting European diversity, will prepare thematical papers on the state-of-the-art. This state-of-the-art also includes the European level research and takes account of relevant European projects.
Timing: August 2005 - May 2006

Innovating the knowledge on changes in work in the knowledge-based society by integrating the WORKS empirical results on changes in work organisation and their outcomes in terms of quality of life: thematic analysis - series of reports on specific themes

Horizontal analysis of the case study material that is collected in the project pillar 'Qualitative research' will be organised on the key themes of the research project, thus addressing the objective of innovating knowledge on changes in work in the knowledge society. Based on these comparative and horizontal analysis, thematical papers will be produced. The following thematic reports are envisaged:
the networked organisation and global value chain restructuring;
changes at work, social dialogue and institutional shaping in the KBS;
strategies to reach flexibility in the organisation;
NFWO and the quality of working life, health and safety, autonomy;
learning and skills, occupational identities;
flexibility, time use and work/life balance;
forms of employment and biographical aspects;
internal and external labour markets and intermediation;
changing gender and ethnic relations at work in the KBS;
changes in work in transitional economies;
change processes and future perspectives.
Timing: July 2007 - May 2008

Publications and events